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Welcome to Archives at Southern

This database will search for material in the Buley Library Special Collections & Archives. Materials in the database include unpublished manuscripts, university records, visual materials such as films and photographs, audio recordings, digital material, and much more.

Please note that not all of our collections have been processed and we will be continually adding content.

How to search for materials.

  • Begin a basic search by entering your search terms in the search bar. You may limit the search by searchable fields, record type, and date.
  • The searchable fields are: Keyword, Title, Creator, Subject, and Collection Number.
  • Record types allow you to customize the type of records you want a search to return:
  •      Limiting to collections will only return records for collections, rather than people, subjects, series, and files.
  • You may select a date span to limit the search results chronologically. Searching by date is approximate, and results may fall outside the date span you enter.
  • You may construct a more complex search by selecting the + icon and adding additional search parameters.

Phrasing your searches

  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • You may search for phrases by including quotation marks (e.g. “Collins family”)
  • By default, searches with three or fewer search terms return results containing all of the search terms. Searches with four or more search terms return results containing most of the search terms. You may add OR and NOT to change this behavior (e.g. Stiles OR Morse or art NOT British).
  • You may add a tilde (~) to search for search terms within a specified number of words of one another (e.g. “maps Asia”~5 will return results where the term maps occurs within 5 words of the term Asia).
  • “Wildcard” symbols ? and * help return a greater number of relevant results by searching for variant spellings and forms of search terms simultaneously.

Contact Information

Please visit the Special Collections & Archives page for general information. To contact staff please email us at